Dr Gus’ Bone Tea Featured in Runners World

We are delighted with an esteemed and reliable health and fitness journalist liking what we do. Worth purchasing a copy. Head over to Dr Gus’ and get your winter warmer.

Runner's world finished

Fat for HIIT!

In Summary:

When people are allowed 6 weeks to adapt to a low carb/high fat (LCHF) way of eating there is no decrease in anaerobic (high intensity) performance.

Dr Gus’ range of bone broth are essential to a LCHF lifestyle, especially at northern latitudes. Click to get your bone broth supplies.

Finally someone does the experiment properly and finds that fat is a good fuel for high intensity training. To read more: https://philmaffetone.com/big-fat-surprise/

Why we do what we do!

In Summary:

More than 40% of the protein in the huma body is collagen.

From the mid 20s collagen prodiction begins to decline presumably because collagen was so abundant in the human diet.

Someone in their 80s is likely to have only a quarter of the collagen of someone in their 20s.

To get as many different types of collagen in the most natural way possible visit Dr Gus.

To read Dr Mercola’s article further visit:

Raw Milk Kefir for a Healthy Gut!

Here at Dr Gus’ we are all about the gut. And once we have rebuilt our gut mucus lining with bone tea and bone shakes your microbiome will spread into that new real estate to make a healthy gut microbiota. Now it is known that probiotics taken as food and supplements don’t actually take up residence in the gut but they do provide valuable chemicals which boost our immune function and help increase the health of our gut.

One of the fermented foods we use for that is raw milk kefir. We make our own kefir from raw milk and we love it, the more sour the better as there are more good bacteria and less sugar.

Taken on an empty stomach the kefir gets to the small and large intestine where they do their important work.