Where the bones are from for bone broth is important!

In summary:

  • Glyphosate from the crops the animal ate are concentrated in collagen in the animals.
  • WHO classifies glyphosate as a probable carcinogen.
  • Glyphosate disrupts hormones and increases free radicals.
  • Glyphosate detroys gut bacteria.

Dr Gus’ Bone Tea powder uses bones from animals raised to at least organic standards, and the vegetables we use are organic also. This means no/minimal exposure to harmful chemicals.

This is an excellent article from Emma Rose of the BulletProof Blog about glyphosate and how it relates to bone broth. It is super important to only use bones from animals that are ethically, sustainably and organically raised, meaning no exposure to harmful chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides.

Further, Stephanie Seneff of MIT has written extensively on glyphosate and the health harms. It’s not happy reading.





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